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Whether you’re just starting or ending your day…or somewhere in between…you can count on things going a little smoother with LBA Services as your home comfort partners. We have been providing air conditioning, heating, water heater and plumbing services to the residents of Lake Waukomis, MO and the surrounding areas since 1985!

We provide a full range of maintenance, repair and installation services here in Lake Waukomis, MO and throughout the Kansas City area. From routine tune-ups to 24/7 emergency repairs – when our Heroes really get to shine – we have you covered to help keep your home comfort systems in top working order. Read our reviews below to learn more about us and our exceptional customer service near you!

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LBA Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 4 customer reviews

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Great Service

Review of LBA Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing

Corbin checked everything and replaced a part. Then after he left, called his supervisor to ask his thoughts on the issue before returning and fixing something else.

Lake WaukomisMO64151 39.2325-94.6325

Map of Lake Waukomis, MO 64151

Great service!

Review of LBA Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing

Jesus and Jacob were prompt and professional. Jesus did an amazing job of explaining the processes and workings of the units. He provided information about how to keep the units working efficiently.

Lake WaukomisMO64151 39.2325-94.645

Map of Lake Waukomis, MO 64151

Great Service! Very timely!

Review of LBA Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing

The technician was straight forward and made recommendations. He did not try to oversell his sales pitch. That usually turns me away from a company when they do that.

Lake WaukomisMO64151 39.235-94.6475

Map of Lake Waukomis, MO 64151

Great service

Review of LBA Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing

Lake WaukomisMO64151 39.2325-94.6325

Patrick  K.

Patrick K.

Arrived to do performance maintenance. Inspected the condensation drain line for flow. Inspected system air filter and replaced it with homeowners supplied filter. Verified operation of all mechanical and electronic components in the furnace. Checked blower for cleanliness and to see if there is any play in the bearings. Checked system heat exchanger to ensure proper venting of flue gas. Checked air conditioning coil for cleanliness and to see if there are any restrictions to airflow. Found that there is bacterial growth starting on the underside of the condensation pan. Analyzed the combustion gas to ensure safe and efficient flame. Performed an electronic gas leak search. Furnace is operating properly at this time. View visual findings from this job here -

Near N Shore Dr, Lake Waukomis, MO 64151
Corbin  M.

Corbin M.

02/17/2023 company arrived at customers house for a plumbing inspection, while here I did not find any leaks or issues of concern at this time. Your water heater is from 2018. Thanks for choosing LBA have a great day.

Near N Shore Dr, Lake Waukomis, MO 64151
Matthew  R.

Matthew R.

Arrived to call for Ecobee thermostat stating the house temperature had risen three degrees even though the call for cooling had never stopped. Upon arrival I starting performing my inspection at the outdoor condenser. The compressor was pulling correct amperage and the refrigerant temps/pressures showed a unit charged within spec. The fan however was pulling less than spec amps and the duel run capacitor had lost capacitance on the fan side. It was performing at 3.5 mfd when spec is 4.7-5.3. With customers approval I replaced this. On the indoor unit I found a dirty air filter that I recommended replacing more often to allow better airflow over the indoor coil. The temp split over the coil performed within spec. I then checked blower operation with it pulling correct amperage and the capacitor that feeds it operating within spec as well. If this issue continues while the AC is running this is an insulation issue rather than an AC not operating properly issue. AC running upon departure

Near Shore Dr, Lake Waukomis, MO 64151



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