Sewer Camera Inspection A Kansas City Plumbers Superpower

As you carry on with life at home, your home’s sewer lines are probably the furthest thing from your mind until it needs a repair. When this happens, it’s LBA plumbers to the rescue! Our heroic Kansas City plumbers are armed with a top-of-the line sewer inspection camera. Nothing short of X-ray vision, this innovative technology allows us to see the hidden problems and complete your sewer repairs with minimal digging and disruption.

LBA is on the Way!

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What can you expect from LBA’s sewer line repair process?

  • Perform a sewer camera inspection to pinpoint the location of the broken pipe or blockage

  • Determine the cause, which may be tree roots, grease or any solid that has built up over time

  • Provide a minimally invasive solution to repair the damaged area


Provide a minimally invasive solution to repair the damaged area

Just give us a call and “LBA is on the Way!”

When you have a problem with your Kansas City area sewer lines, call LBA at 913.268.6822 today for fast, dependable service that includes a sewer camera inspection. Our goal is to get your sewer repaired quickly and keeping it functioning long term. With your sewer repairs complete, you can leave thoughts of your sewer system behind you and get back to enjoying the comforts of home.