Dependable Kansas City Sewer Line Repairs

No one wants to deal with sewer problems. We get it. They’re disgusting, they’re messy, and they all-too-often result in major expenses for homeowners. Unfortunately, problems can – and sometimes do – arise. Your sewer system plays a vital role in the sanitary removal of waste and wastewater from your home, and keeping this system in good condition is vital. When you are having problems with yours, you need sewer line repair from a trusted expert. At LBA, we’ve been providing professional sewer line repair in Kansas City and throughout the Johnson County area for more than three decades, and we’d be more than happy to lend a hand.

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Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Wave “goodbye” to having your entire lawn dug up to address a sewer line repair, and say “hello” to our trenchless sewer line repair service. When you have a cracked or otherwise damaged sewer pipe, solving the problem requires replacing the damaged section. In the past, this involved digging up and destroying a large part of your property. With trenchless technology, however, we are able to get the job done with minimal digging. Instead of tearing up your entire lawn, driveway, garden, etc., we can get the job done by making just a couple of holes. When we’re done, we’ll restore your lawn to its original condition to keep your property looking its best.

Sewer Line Camera Inspection

Whether you have multiple drains inside your home that are running slowly or you have sewage backing up into your home, finding out what’s causing the problem is vital. Clogs in sewer lines are common and can have numerous causes. From toilet paper and “flushable” hygiene products to grease and food waste, there are several things that can cause nasty blockages in your sewer pipe. Even tree roots growing into the line in search of water can cause significant damage.

Effectively eliminating clogs means figuring out where they are and what’s causing them. That’s where LBA’s sewer line camera inspection services come in. Using a specialized camera, we are able to take a close look inside your pipes without digging up your lawn or damaging your home. Once we locate the clog or damage, we can get to work carrying out the necessary repair. Pretty amazing, right?

Sewer Line Repairs in Kansas City

When you need sewer line repairs in Kansas City, don’t trust just anyone. Depend on the experts right here at LBA. We are passionate about what we do, and our technicians will not rest until they have solved your problem. From minor clogs to full-scale plumbing disasters, our team is equipped to handle anything – and they will do it with a smile.

When you need sewer line repair from a company that truly cares about its customers and will give you and your property the respect you deserve, choose LBA. We offer free estimates, and we are always on call to handle emergencies. Contact us now to schedule an appointment with the best in the business.



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