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Is your shower drain backing up? Do you have multiple sinks in your home that just seem to drain at a snail’s pace? A sewer line inspection and cleaning by LBA Services may be the key to finding the problem quickly and fixing it before it becomes a more critical issue.

LBA Services has provided dependable, trustworthy plumbing and sewer services for Kansas City residents for decades. Our sewer line specialists are trained to identify and repair any sewer line problem while providing our customers with the most comfortable experience possible.

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Sewer Line Problems: Symptoms & Causes

Symptoms of a sewer line clog include:

  • Toilets that seem to be frequently clogging up or overflowing.
  • Water backing up in the shower or sink.
  • Slow-draining sinks, sometimes accompanied with a strange gurgling or bubbling noise.
  • Strange or foul odors emitting from your home’s drains.
  • Problems with slow drains in more than one area of the house.

Another classic symptom of a sewer line backup is the appearance of unexplained puddles or wet areas in your yard that have a strange smell. If you know where your sewer line access cap is (typically, it’s a white plastic cap located somewhere in your yard), you can check it for water leakage in the surrounding area.

What causes the clogs? Often, tree roots work their way into the sewer line, which then collect debris and eventually reduce the flow in the pipe. In addition, feminine hygiene products, so-called “flushable” wipes, paper towels, excessive cooking oils, waste from the kitchen garbage disposal and any other foreign material may collect and plug the line. Even certain types of thicker toilet paper can cause problems. 

A suspected sewer line clog can be indicative of a more significant problem. Sewer line clogs can also cause costly damage to a home’s interior through leaks, so it’s essential to get professional help right away if you think there’s an issue.

Sewer Line Cleaning, The LBA Way

At LBA, we have a long history of putting the customer first. You can count on our team to diagnose any sewer line clogging problems properly and clear the line in a way that will mitigate any damage to your underground pipes. We have professional-grade equipment, including sophisticated camera systems, to identify any problem areas and break up the clog while minimizing any damage to your underground pipes.

If we find an issue that needs further repair, you can trust our technicians to explain the problem clearly and provide an honest quote. See why hundreds of customers in the Kansas City area have rated us a top choice for sewer line cleaning as well as other types of plumbing repairs. Call LBA today at 913-268-6822 or fill out our contact form online and experience the LBA service difference!

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