Cleaner, Healthier Air Makes Your Kansas City Home a Better Place to Be

Imagine a dust-free home with no pollutants or allergens to irritate your airways. Did you know you can enjoy all of this just by changing your air filters? It’s really that easy. If you replace your filter on time, you can catch airborne particles that infiltrate your home. And saving energy is a great bonus in the process.
If you’re using a one-inch filter (the most common type), you should change it every 30-60 days for the healthiest air. You should change it more often if you have pets, smoke indoors or have allergies, and less often if it is a vacation home or if it is in a remote area where there is less air pollution.

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What Material Should I Choose?

You have an array of options to meet your air filtration needs. Fiberglass is the most popular, as it is cost-effective and sturdy. Other options include polyester & pleated fibers, High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA), electronic and washable. LBA will help you decide what is best for your individual home.


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