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Avoid Plumbing Problems With Clogged Drain Prevention Services

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It’s nice to have a day that runs smoothly, just as you planned! No crisis, no emergency, nothing broken: just a regular day that goes exactly as you hoped it would. At LBA Services, we want to help you have lots of days like this! That’s why we offer clogged drain prevention services. Though you may not think much about your drains while they are working, our Kansas City area plumbers understand that functional drains play a key role in keeping your home life relaxed and stress free.

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How much does it cost to unblock a drain pipe near Kansas City?

Unclogging a toilet, sink, or tub drain costs between $100 and $275 on average. Plumbing costs vary depending on the size of the job, travel distance, region, and season. Some plumbers provide free estimates, while others charge a call-out fee of $50 to $200, which usually includes the first hour of labor.

What causes clogged drain lines the most near Kansas City?

Hair is a major cause of drain blockages because it can get clogged with grease and soap causing a bad blockage.  The most effective approach to dealing with hair blockages is to avoid them altogether. Ensure that all drains have hair guards and that these are cleaned on a regular basis.

Even if you have a garbage disposal in your sink, you should never put food waste down a sink drain. This is especially important for non-biodegradable waste such as tea leaves and coffee grounds. Other foods to avoid are grease and oil, which will turn into a solid in the pipes and induce an obstruction.

Tree roots can quickly grow in your pipes, obstructing water flow and causing pipe destruction. Clearing tree roots from pipes can be difficult and may necessitate the use of a rooter, pressure jet cleaning, trenchless repair, or even excavation. Examine the root structure of your trees and plants, as well as the condition of your drains, to avoid extensive and costly repairs.

How do you unclog a sink with standing water near Kansas City?

First, empty the sink of any standing water. Fill it halfway with hot water, and it will create a seal across your drain. Start pumping the sink plunger up and down quickly. Remove the plunger, check to see if water flows, and repeat until water drains readily. If plunging does not solve the problem, it indicates a larger issue that requires a different approach and a call to your plumber.

How To Prevent Drain Clogs

LBA plumbers offer several products to help with clogged drain prevention:

  • Bio-Clean – this liquid drain cleaner is highly effective and organic, so regular applications won’t damage your pipes.
  • RootX – Also organic, this product is designed to kill tree and shrub roots inside your drains without harming the actual trees and shrubs on your property.


Just give us a call and “LBA is on the Way!”

Call LBA at 913-268-6822 to keep your drains flowing. With LBA’s quality products, expert services and insight from the most knowledgeable Kansas City plumbers, you can wash any worries about clogs and plumbing problems right down the drain!

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