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Furnace Maintenance

Keep Your Furnace Running Well With Our Expert Heating Tune-Ups

If you drove your car for thousands and thousands and thousands of miles without ever getting the oil changed, it would probably break down on you. In fact, the damage could be so catastrophic so as to render the engine completely unusable. So what do you do? You take it in for regular oil changes and tune-ups. Your home's furnace is just as complicated a device as your automobile.

In much the same way, you can't expect to run it year after year after year without giving it a little TLC every once in awhile. If you want to get the absolute most money out of your furnace, with the best efficiency and the longest lifespan, it is absolutely vital to have expert furnace maintenance performed regularly on your unit. It just so happens, there's no better team in Kansas City to help you with that then the team here at LBA Services.

What Are The Benefits Of Furnace Maintenance?

  • Improved Efficiency - When your furnace gets regular tune-ups, it's able to operate at peak levels for longer. The more efficient your unit is, the less energy it takes to keep your home warm. This equates to savings on your utilities or gas bills. Let's face it, all of us appreciate a little extra cash, right?
  • Fewer Repairs - Each time your furnace gets a once-over from one of our experienced technicians, there's an opportunity to identify and correct small problems before they turn into major headaches that lead to costly repairs. A little extra care now can help you avoid much bigger issues later.
  • Longer Lifespan - A good furnace should be able to last you at least 10 years, possibly even as long as 15. But you won't get near either one of those numbers if you don't take care of your system. Regular maintenance ensures that your heater can run well for as long as possible, letting you put off the expense of having it replaced.
  • Warranty Compliance - Many manufacturers require proof of maintenance before they'll honor their warranty terms. When we come out to take a look at your furnace, you'll receive proper documentation that it's been professionally serviced so you don't have any issues if you have to make a warranty claim in the future.

What's The Easiest Way To Get Furnace Maintenance?

The absolute best way to ensure that your furnace is always working its best is to join our Perfect Service Family program. You'll get regular maintenance each year, along with a host of other discounts and benefits that help you make the most of your home comfort. It's one of the best deals in home services - plus, signing up is easy!

How Perfect Is Lba Football

Let LBA Take Your Maintenance Worries Away

When you've got the experience and dedication of LBA services on your side, you'll never have to wonder if your furnace is operating at peak performance. If you have questions about the Perfect Service Family program, or need to schedule maintenance for your system, send us a message online or call 913-268-6822 today!

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