Protect Your Kansas City Home With A Sump Pump

Basements are a wonderful feature in so many of our Kansas City metro area homes. Maybe your basement functions as your rec room, your man cave, your workout space or just a great place to store some of the special items that you can’t seem to part with. However, with our region’s terrain and weather, many of us have experienced a flooded basement and know the damage it can cause to a home and its belongings. To protect from flooding, LBA installs sump pumps for our customers with basements and crawlspaces.

We install several types of sump pumps, including:

  • Submersible

  • Battery Powered Backup Sump Pumps

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LBA plumbers will be happy to help you choose the pump that offers the best protection, determine your size and horsepower requirements and select the ideal location for your sump pump. With over 30 years experience serving the Kansas City area, our plumbers offer the skill and expertise you can rely on no matter what the weather brings our way.


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