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LBA Services was started by people just like you who want and insist on high quality and reliable service. In Lansing, KS and throughout the Kansas City area, we treat each family and home as if it were our own. That includes rising to the challenge of being a Hero any time the need calls for extraordinary measures.

How often do AC systems need maintenance in Lansing, KS?

Regardless of the kind, your heating and air conditioning system needs to be examined, cleaned, and serviced at least once a year. It is ideal to have the air conditioning system examined in the spring and the heating system serviced in the fall. Unquestionably, yearly cleaning and servicing of oil-fired equipment should occur at the start of each heating season.

Can I DIY my plumbing in Lansing, KS?

While some plumbing tasks can be tackled by DIY enthusiasts, complex projects and those involving water supply lines or sewage systems are best left to professionals. DIY plumbing, if done incorrectly, can lead to leaks, water damage, or contamination. Simple tasks like fixing a minor leak or unclogging a drain may be manageable, but it's crucial to know your skill level and when to call a licensed plumber. Always prioritize safety, follow local building codes, and seek professional assistance for plumbing projects beyond your expertise.

How do I check the indoor air quality in my house in Lansing, KS?

To check indoor air quality, consider using air quality monitors that measure factors like particulate matter, humidity, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Look for signs of mold, unpleasant odors, or visible dust. Ensure proper ventilation and use exhaust fans. Regularly change air filters in HVAC systems. Open windows for fresh air. If concerns persist, consult with professionals for comprehensive air quality assessments. Monitoring indoor conditions and taking preventive measures, such as maintaining clean living spaces and proper ventilation, contribute to better indoor air quality.

From routine maintenance to 24/7 emergency repairs, LBA Services has you covered for all your home plumbing, heating, and air conditioning needs. The same goes for new and replacement system installations. Read our reviews and find out why your neighbors consider us to be their nearby heating and air company and local plumber in Lansing, KS.

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Great service!

Review of LBA Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing

Absolutely outstanding service from Justin. Knowledgeable and courteous. First rate.

LansingKS66043 39.2275-94.9075

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Thank you

Review of LBA Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing

LansingKS66043 39.235-94.9075

Aaron K.

Aaron K.

Water Softener Maintenance: Performing routine maintenance on a water softener system, I carefully inspected the resin tank, replenished salt levels, and calibrated the settings to ensure efficient water softening and prevent mineral buildup in plumbing fixtures.

Near Corey Ln, Lansing, KS 66043
Aaron K.

Aaron K.

Ductwork Upgrade: Confronted with deteriorating and leaky ductwork, a homeowner chose to undergo a comprehensive duct replacement. Our team expertly installed new ducts throughout the property, ensuring meticulous sealing to eliminate potential future problems. The newly installed, well-sealed ducts not only optimized airflow but also improved energy efficiency and indoor air quality. This thoughtful enhancement guarantees a more comfortable and healthier living space for the homeowner.

Near Ferncliff St, Lansing, KS 66043
Scott M.

Scott M.

Customer passed static test and cfm test.The only thing I see is the customer needs double wall on the flu other then that I cleaned customers flame sensor. And port checked amps and omhed the igniter. Checked blower and everything checked out today left customer options for upgrade

Near S Desoto Rd, Lansing, KS 66043
Aaron K.

Aaron K.

Furnace Repair: A homeowner experienced intermittent pilot light disruptions in their furnace. To address this issue, I conducted a thorough cleaning and adjustment of the pilot assembly, ensuring a consistently lit pilot light for uninterrupted heating.

Near Brookwood St, Lansing, KS 66043
Eli M.

Eli M.

Installed new outdoor condenser fan motor

Near Willow St, Lansing, KS 66043



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