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5 Keys to Greater Home Comfort in Kansas City and Lenexa, KS

We live in a world of choices, frequently making them when we’re not even aware of it.  Choosing to ignore your “Honey do!” list is a choice all its own here in Kansas City and Lenexa.

It might not be the one your “S-O” would like you to make, but it’s a choice nonetheless.  So is deciding which items on that list to tackle, and in which order, which brings us to the point of this blog, i.e., there are certain home repairs and maintenance steps that should be taken care of as quickly as possible.  For your own sake, and that of keeping your expenses in check.

Here are just a few examples:

  1. Dirty (or Missing) Filters – Not only do your heating and air conditioning filters keep allergens, pathogens, and countless airborne pollutants from invading the air you breathe, they help your system work more efficiently and effectively. So make sure they are cleaned or replaced once a month for optimum home comfort.
  2. Water Leaks – That little drip-drip sound from your bathroom faucet is more than just annoying. It wastes water, costs you money, and can cause damage to fixtures, floors, and walls while potentially creating a perfect “live-in” environment for mold.  So fix now, and worry less later.
  3. Unusual HVAC Noises and Odors – It’s common to hear some noises and notice some slight odors when your heating or air conditioning system starts up. But some sounds and smells should not be ignored. Rattling, hissing, and loud knocks and bumps are among them, as are the unmistakable odors of gas (rotten egg), oil, or mold.  When in doubt, contact a professional to have them checked out.
  4. Dirty Dryer Vents – With every load of laundry that goes through the dryer, lint builds up in the nooks and crannies of the lint trap and along the vent hose. Over time, this can cause heat to build up in the vents and prevent the exhaust from escaping. And this increases the likelihood of a home fire substantially. Clean your lint filter after each load, and have your vents cleaned every six months.
  5. Unusually High Utility Bills – It’s common for the cost of water, electricity, and fuel to fluctuate due to market conditions and seasonal use. But if you find yourself with a higher than normal utility bill for no apparent reason, that’s cause for concern and further investigation.  For example, a sudden spike in your water bill could indicate a silent leak. A high heating or electricity bill could mean your system is not running at max efficiency and may need to be cleaned.

One way to put your mind at ease is with annual plumbing, heating, and air conditioning ssytem inspections.  It’s a good way to spot budding problems before they become bigger and more troublesome.  At the same time, your systems will run better, no doubt last longer, and you’ll save money on your utility bills.  Why not call today to schedule service:  the creator of your “Honey do!” list will thank you, even if that creator is you!

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