Question:  are all your New Year’s Resolutions your own – assuming you make them at all – or to you turn to others or elsewhere for inspiration?

Relying on those we trust and care about for a little inspiration is a great way to start striving for positive change now and in the coming New Year.  At the same time, one always has to consider the source.

Here, for example, is a condensed list of humorous New Year’s Resolutions as compiled by

  • Watch more movie remakes.
  • Go back to school to avoid paying my student loans.
  • Watch more cute and cuddly kitten videos on YouTube.
  • Help kids stay safe by not texting on my cell phone while eating McDonald’s and speeding through crosswalks in school zones with a frost covered windshield.
  • Check my work e-mail account at least once this year.
  • Talk with a robot voice all the time.
  • Find a more accurate scale.
  • Stop buttering my doughnuts.
  • Save some money for a rainy day. That way I can shop online instead of having to go to an actual store.

Funny stuff, but not exactly the stuff that positive change is likely to spring from.

So instead, how about this for a very serious, worthwhile, and doable New Year’s resolution:  start breathing cleaner indoor air, and keep it up all year long.

Talk about the ultimate win, win, win.  And you’ll be amazed at easily that goal can be accomplished once you start implementing the following tactics at home:

  • Wash your bed covers once a week, along with sheets and pillow cases, to keep your dust population to a bare minimum.
  • If you’re prone to dust allergies, purchase plastic covers for your mattress and box spring. Dust and dust mites just love the warm, nurturing atmosphere of unprotected bedding.
  • Not quite the “green thumb” type? You’d be amazed at how easy it is to learn, especially once you realize that certain types of house plants permanently remove bacteria and viruses from the air.  This impressive list of natural air cleaners includes:  Aloe, Spider plants, Gerber daisies, Weeping Fig, and many others.
  • Leave your shoes – along with all the bad stuff on their soles – at the door. That will prevent you from traipsing dirt and pollutants like pesticides and pollen all over your house.
  • Swap out your vacuum cleaner for one with a HEPA filter that traps dust, dirt, and other particles vs. releasing them back into the air.
  • Don’t let anyone smoke inside your house – PERIOD!
  • Start using green cleaning products made from all-natural ingredients.

LBA offers several high quality and effective indoor air quality solutions of our own, including whole-house air purifiers.  These are easy to maintain and designed to trap 99.7 of airborne bacteria and other pollutants inside your ductwork and before they can reach your living quarters.

Contact us today for this and other indoor air quality solutions, especially since we’d love to see your “cleaner air” New Year’s Resolution become a reality.