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Clogged drain putting a damper on your day? Ice-cold shower cramping your style? Going crazy from the constant drip-drip-dripping of a leaky faucet? No matter what type of plumbing problem you’re facing, you need a plumber who can solve it without breaking your bank account. At LBA, we can help. Our Kansas City plumbers provide top-notch plumbing services to the residents of Johnson County, and you can always count on them for a job well done.

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A plumbing inspection involves a technician looking for leaks, blockages or damage to your home’s pipes and sewer lines. On average, an inspection costs between $150 – $500. This price reflects the cost of identifying any problems but not the repairs involved in fixing them.

For more information on plumbing inspections, contact LBA Services today!

A plumbing emergency can be any type of plumbing problem that either causes damage or immediate problems for a homeowner. Some common plumbing emergencies include:

  • Burst pipe
  • Overflowing toilet
  • Broken water heater
  • Clogged sewer line
  • Leaking pipes or hoses
  • Sump pump malfunction

Did you know that LBA Services is available 24/7 for emergencies? Give us a call, day or night, for any plumbing emergency.

To prevent plumbing problems from happening, there are few minor steps you can take that will have a big impact on the plumbing system in your home:

  • Keep an eye out for leaks on a regular basis – Inspect under sinks, faucets, water heaters and shower heads often to make sure there are no leaks or signs of extra water. Early leak detection can help you save a lot of money and hassle down the line.
  • Keep things out of your kitchen sink – Make sure not to dump grease down the drain as grease is sure to build up and clog your drain later on. Also, even if you have a garbage disposal, try to put almost all food waste in the compost bin or trash. This will help avoid buildup in the drain pipes.
  • Keep your sewer line cleaned – You may want to consider regularly having your main sewer line snaked or hydro-jetted in order to prevent any buildup and potential clogging.

Plumbing Repair in Kansas City

Your plumbing system is one of your home’s most vital components. Responsible for bringing fresh, clean water into your home and safely removing waste and wastewater, it does a big job. Because we use our plumbing systems so frequently, problems tend to pop up once in a while. Most problems involve either clogs or leaks, and in many instances, they are easy to repair. If you are dealing with a clog, try pouring baking soda and white vinegar down your drain. This causes a chemical reaction that can safely break up many clogs without help from a plumber. If you have a leak, make sure all fittings are tight. Some leaks can be solved with just a few turns of a wrench.

If these simple solutions do not work or you are facing another plumbing problem, such as a broken water heater or a sewage backup, you need help from a reliable plumber. At LBA, our team is up to the job and can handle any plumbing problem.

While the way plumbing systems work is relatively simple, all parts must be properly installed to ensure proper functioning. That’s where we come in. Whether you are replacing something small like a faucet or you’re tackling a much larger plumbing installation project, it’s best to work with a professional plumber. At LBA, we install faucets, toilets, showers, tubs, and more, and when you choose us for the job, your new plumbing fixtures will be installed properly to provide you with years of reliable use.



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Whether you need a bathroom plumbing repair, a water filter installation, or you have a plumbing emergency that needs immediate attention, call LBA at 913.268.6822. Our expert plumbers will resolve your plumbing issues quickly and completely, so that you can get back to enjoying the comforts of home.

The Importance of Plumbing Maintenance

P3 Maintenance Membership

Our P3 Service Membership provides planned and preventative maintenance for your family’s comfort and safety. Give us a call today to start receiving all these
benefits for roughly 50₵ per day! For that price, why not choose comfort and peace of mind?

  • Priority Scheduling | With a membership in place, you never need to wait for repairs or service. You will be placed on a priority scheduling list and typically receive same-day service.
  • Discounted Rates | Emergency repairs can cost 10 times as much as preventative services. For being a member, you’ll receive discounts of $30 off the initial diagnosis and 10% off all parts and labor for repairs.
  • No Overtime Charge | Savings abound with your P3 membership. In addition to all the other ways to save, we will waive any overtime charges for your service.
  • Peace of mind | When you’re a member, you have the assurance of knowing that your comfort system is safe and operational. We are here when you need us.

Optional Services are available at the time of maintenance. To be billed at the time of service.

  • Tankless water heater Tune-Up
  • Tank-Type Water Heater Tune-Up
  • Whole home Plumbing & Safety Inspection (w/ tank flush)