House Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore in Kansas City and Mission

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In the course of an ordinary day, we are surrounded by various “warning signs” that alert us to potential problems. One you hear in newer cars, for example, is a beeping sound as you back out of the driveway, alerting you that something or someone is behind you. Or how about when the smoke detector goes off, pointing that your cookies are burning inside the oven. And on and on we could go.

But not all warning signs are that obvious. Some are quiet and easy to ignore, like those occasional dings and clanks that you chalk up to the wind or the house settling.

So which ones should you pay closest attention to – those that require an immediate response? The following should be on any home owner’s list.

  1. No one using the plumbing, yet you still hear water running. This could be caused by many things, from a leaky fixture to a broken pipe, and even the irrigation system. Try turning off the main water supply to the home. If the noise stops, your plumbing is telling you that somewhere within the system there’s a leak.
  1. You hear strange noises from your attic or behind your walls. If you hear scratching or chittering in any area of your home, you need to act fast. Rodents and other animals not only carry diseases, but can chew threw insulation and electrical wiring, putting your family at risk of fire.
  1. Your furnace is making a whistling or sucking sound. In this instance, you probably have a dirty air filter that is causing your furnace to work too hard to reach the desired level of indoor comfort. But wasted energy isn’t the only consequence, since a furnace that puts in that kind of extra effort might start drawing exhaust gasses into your home. So change or clean the filter regularly – once a month is a good way to play it safe.
  1. You hear clinking and knocking when you turn the heat on. While some heating system noises are common, like the clinking and knocking you might hear with a baseboard hot-water system, any noises from the boiler itself could be a sign of impending failure. Call a technician to check it out pronto, before you’re left out in the cold.
  1. There’s a bubbling or cracking sound coming from your hot water heater. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your tank-style hot water heater flushed, you might be due. You see, over time, sediment and minerals can build up on the bottom of the tank, forcing the burner to work harder.

While we’re not exterminators, LBA is your local and experienced resource for all things plumbing and heating. So if you even suspect something might be amiss with your water heater, general plumbing system, or home furnace, contact LBA today for fast response and dependable results.

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