When was the last time you checked the water pipes under your kitchen or bathroom cabinets? Or those under your crawlspace, or even your hot water heater? Never? You’re not alone.

Most homeowners rarely think about checking the condition of their plumbing until something goes wrong. But just as you wouldn’t wait until you needed a root canal to start taking care of your teeth, you shouldn’t wait until your finished basement is flooded to take care of your plumbing.

The best way to do that is with an annual whole house plumbing inspection from LBA. While there’s no sure fire way to fully prevent plumbing problems, a yearly inspection stacks the odds in your favor by identifying areas of concern now before they reach emergency status.

During an inspection, one of our LBA Heroes will inspect all plumbing fixtures and systems for premature wear, corrosion, leaks, and safety to make sure your plumbing works for you and your family today, and well into the future. Here’s just some of what our inspections include:

  • Shower heads and faucets for proper water flow
  • Toilets for leaks
  • Drains, including garbage disposal, for blockages
  • Water dispenser and ice maker lines for pin-hole cracks
  • Whole house water filters
  • Outdoor faucets and crawlspace water pipes for wear
  • Water heater for leaks and signs of corrosion
  • Vent pipes, pressure valves and pipe insulation

If it’s been a year or more since your plumbing was last inspected, there’s no better time to contact LBA than right now.  We look forward to our next opportunity to serve you.