It’s hard to say who gets more gifts this time of year: your mail carrier or your child’s teacher. But just because others have already thought of it doesn’t mean that your gift, whatever it might be, won’t be just as appreciated.

Still, many home owners struggle with exactly to give that teachers, in this case, not only will welcome for the thoughtfulness, but for the gift itself. So instead of guessing, we asked a couple of teachers who are customers of ours what their favorite student gifts are, and you know what? They didn’t even have to think about it. Not only about what they prefer as gifts, but what they don’t.

So, if you haven’t already completed your shopping, here’s what NOT to get your child’s teacher:

  • Coffee cups or mugs – how many can one person use?
  • Holiday ornaments – ditto
  • Perfume or cologne, or anything else of a potentially inappropriate nature
  • A framed picture of your child – can you imagine of everyone gave one of these, year after year?!

And now for the gifts that teachers prize:

  • Treats and sweets of all kinds, just be aware of any prevailing allergies
  • Fruit and fruit baskets still work too, including the ever-popular apples
  • Gift cards to local coffee or pastry shops, etc.
  • Amazon or other online gift cards
  • Gas gift cards
  • Body lotions and similar items
  • Fun things they can use at home or in the classroom, like fancy markers or colored sharpies
  • A warm scarf or mittens
  • Homemade, hand-crafted gifts
  • One gift from the entire class

Remember: the idea isn’t to be original or to one-up anyone. It’s simply to show that you and your child appreciate their dedication and to devotion to your child’s academic growth and overall well-being.

Oh yes, and one more thing. When thinking about what to get a teacher, don’t forget the school nurse. The federal government has determined that a 750-1 nurse-to-student ratio is appropriate – talk about a demanding and often thankless job!