Go Green With Your Water Heater in Kansas City and Overland Park.

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What’s not to like about the color green this time of year?

Green symbolizes not just St. Patrick’s Day, but the return of spring, and the effort we’re all making to live healthier and more energy efficient lives.

Well, now you can take a big step forward in that regard with a new water heater from LBA. But not just any water heater, because right now, we’re offering “next generation” water heaters that can help you save up to $350 per year on your hot water related energy costs.

Here’s what’s available now LBA:

Gas Condensing Water Heaters – Rather than venting natural or propane gas through the system’s flue, the gas is reclaimed so that greater amounts of hot water can be generated from the same amount of gas. That improves energy efficiency, cuts down on greenhouse emissions, and will help you save about $100 per year in water heater energy costs.

Electric Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters – Think of a refrigerator working in reverse, and then you’ll get the concept of an electric hybrid water heater…the next generation of electric storage tank water heaters. The heat pump component of a hybrid system draws warm, ambient air from the space around it to assist in heating the water inside the storage tank. The net result? You can expect to save more than $350 per year in water heater operating costs.

Gas condensing and electric hybrid water heaters are here to replace conventional storage tank water heaters.

In fact, conventional gas and electric water heaters will no longer be manufactured for use in our country of April 16, 2016. And while the new, higher efficiency water heaters will cost more than those they’re replacing, you’ll more than make up the difference in energy savings over the life of your replacement system.

To learn more about your water heater options – especially while we still have conventional gas and electric water heaters in stock – contact LBA today. Never will you have as many choices as you do right now – but only for a limited amount of time.

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