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Five Helpful Tips to Ensure Your A/C Is Ready for the Summer

It’s always best to be prepared for anything in life, especially if you anticipate what’s going to happen. If you live in a part of the country where you will need to use your air conditioner during the summer, then you should have a plan for making sure it’s up and running. There’s nothing worse than having to brave the heat of summer when temperatures rise. It can make you feel miserable when you should, in fact, be enjoying your summer. Even if you are not on vacation, summer should be a time of fun. Who knows, maybe this year you’ll have friends and family over for a visit. Either way, you’ll want to ensure your central air is functioning well. Below are five different ways you can make sure you’re A/C is ready to go!

1. Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is underrated because it’s human nature to wait until something is a problem before taking care of it. This isn’t necessarily because people are lazy. Sometimes it’s just the opposite and because everyone has a busy schedule. If you have just a few minutes to sit down and think about ways that you can simplify life, scheduling preventative maintenance on your air conditioner should be at the top of your list. By the time spring comes around, you should have already contacted an expert that provides services for your air conditioner Overland Park residents trust. The reason why you’ll want to get it taken care of sooner than later is because when something is in high demand, you can sometimes lose out. You don’t want to end up on a long waiting list to have a technician service your air conditioner.

2. Replace or Clean Filters

If you’ve ever heard your air conditioner working but it seemed to be blowing air that’s not as cool as your recall, then there’s a chance that your air filters need to be replaced. There’s also a possibility that they just need to be cleaned, but either way, you should take the time to have that done. In fact, if you want to try to handle it on your own – give it a shot! Although it’s best to have it done during preventative maintenance, you can certainly learn so that you can change your air filters on a regular basis.

3. Eliminate Air Flow Obstructions

There are a lot of things that can cause a barrier to airflow. One of them is when there is an obstruction in the HVAC unit. This can occur because the components of the blower need to be adjusted or unclogged. When there is something blocking the cool air, you can experience a significant decrease in efficiency, which will raise energy costs. Actually, the opposite is also a potential issue. There might be a problem with insulation or crevices in windows that are causing a problem. All of these potential issues should be checked.

4. Test Your Thermostat

Life can be so sweet if you have a programmable thermostat because it can keep your home nice and cool throughout the summer. If it’s not working, it can make your home environment uncomfortable. Actually, when your thermostat doesn’t work, it can be very frustrating because it’s usually something that should be cared for by a technician who has experience in working with this technology. This is all the more reason why you should schedule someone early for preventative maintenance. If you don’t already have a thermostat that can be managed from your mobile device, you should inquire about one when speaking with a technician. They can be life-changing due to the sheer convenience of being able to cool your house down remotely before you even get home.

5. Maintain Air Conditioner Coils

If your air conditioner coils are dirty or have debris surrounding them, it can cause a problem in how your air conditioner functions. In fact, it’s important to clean the coils regularly to prevent issues. Cleaning them can also help to ensure the highest level of efficiency while prolonging the lifespan of your system. Making sure air conditioning coils are clean is something that most homeowners don’t usually care to deal with, so that’s also something that can be taken care of by a technician.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be ready for the summer. Not only can you experience an optimal temperature in your home, but you also won’t have to deal with your air conditioner going out when you need it most. As mentioned previously, scheduling preventative maintenance should be an annual event that becomes a habit. You’ll thank yourself when it’s hot outside and you’re cool inside.

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