Trenchless Sewer Repair vs Trenched Sewer Repair vs Pipe Lining

There are actually three options for sewer repair:

  1. Trenched Sewer Repair
  2. Pipe Lining
  3. Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenched sewer repair usually takes twice as long as trenchless sewer replacement and therefore costs more. It also requires you to dig up your yard, which could destroy your landscaping and any other permanent structures in your yard.

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To avoid that cost and disturbance, you can go the trenchless route: pipe lining or pipe bursting.

Pipe lining shoots a felt sock soaked in resins and epoxies through the broken sewer. It lines the broken sewer. Any broken offsets within the sewer remain, but it has a new sleeve inside of it that hardens.

Unfortunately, pipe lining is more of a bandage repair. It’s not quite permanent. Trenchless pipe bursting, on the other hand, is permanent because it leaves you with a brand new pipe that comes with a lifetime warranty.

Price is another drawback to pipe lining. Most companies offer pipe lining for about the same price as pipe bursting. Pipe lining has a high failure rate to get installed because, as plumbers try to inflate the sock inside the pipe, the resins are trying to cure and set before it’s in place. The liner ends up getting stuck or failing to inflate all the way down the line.

Because of this pipe lining failure rate, many homeowners have to have trenchless pipe bursting done to replace their broken—and now blocked—sewer pipe, and lose the money they spent on pipe lining in the process.