How Much Money Will Trenchless Repair Save?

Every trenchless sewer replacement job comes with the same fixed savings: time, which in turn translates into money. The trenchless pipe replacement takes less time than a trenched sewer replacement.

A trenchless sewer replacement takes 1-2 days to complete whereas a conventional sewer replacement takes 4-5 days. The labor decreases drastically. It’s also tremendously safer—and therefore less expensive—because it reduces the amount of time that the plumber needs to be in an unsafe ditch that could collapse.

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Incalculable savings come from the lack of yard disturbance. Restoring landscaping, flower beds, lawns, trees, lighting, pools, hot tubs, patios or driveways can cost your thousands of dollars.

In one particular job LBA completed, plumbers used pipe bursting to replace a sewer that ran under a paved patio, swimming pool and driveway. The calculated savings exceeded $100,000.