How Much Money Will Proper Installation Save Me?

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Proper heating and air conditioning installation saves you money in many different ways.

Higher Expense for the Same Efficiency

SEER, or the seasonal energy efficiency rating of your unit, is the maximum energy savings you can expect to get out of your new unit. A higher SEER rating means a more efficient unit. An 18 SEER system can save you 12-15% more in energy costs than a 13 SEER System.

However, an 18 SEER system can also cost between $3,000 and $4,000 more than a 13 SEER system. Will your home reap that much in energy savings?

Proper measurement and load calculation before the installation process is vital to answering that question. If the maximum your home can handle to be comfortable is a 13 SEER system, proper load calculation helps you avoid wasting thousands of dollars on a system with a higher SEER rating that your home will never need.

System Longevity & Repair Costs

Selecting the correctly sized HVAC system contributes to more than just the energy efficiency you receive from it. An improperly sized system can also lead to premature breakdown. For example, if your furnace is too big for your ductwork to handle all of the heat that’s being produced, it could cause damage to your inducer motor. It also causes unnecessary strain on the safety components and the heat exchanger itself.

These factors could shorten the life of your system and lead to expensive repair bills.

Too much condensation can also impact the longevity of your air conditioning unit. Today’s new air conditioning refrigerant is highly susceptible to moisture. If your technician charges your system improperly upon installation or does not bring it down to the proper vacuum levels, some extraneous moisture could be left in the lines. Too much condensation creates sludge and corrosion, thus shortening the life of the air conditioning unit.

To avoid this, your new system must maintain a state of near-vacuum at all times to prevent moisture build up.

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