How Much Money Will an Air Purifier Save Me?

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You can spend anywhere from $15-$30 for a disposable filter that, in reality, needs to be replaced every 30-40 days. The filters in a whole home air purification system only need be changed out once per year on average, saving you between $180-$360 in disposable filter replacement costs each year.

A whole home air purifier can also save you hundreds of dollars in unplanned expenses. When you buy what you think is a quality, high-efficiency disposable air filter, it will inevitably get clogged. If not changed quickly enough, the HVAC system’s motor and compressor could break down and need an expensive fix.

But that’s not all. The negative impacts of a dirty evaporator coil alone could be a reason to abandon the disposable filters for a whole home air purifier. Without the efficiency and protection of the purification system, your dirty evaporator coil could:

  • Lead to higher energy bills because your system has to work harder to make your house comfortable
  • Result in an overworked system and frequent breakdowns that require an expensive, avoidable repair
  • Lower the overall lifespan of the unit forcing you into a costly replacement before you’re ready

Another way whole house air purifiers save you money is in potential medical costs. By removing allergens and contaminants from your home’s air, your air purifier reduces asthma and allergy symptoms and helps prevent the spread of airborne illnesses. You’ll feel better and need fewer trips to the doctor for checkups and prescriptions, and you’ll have fewer days home sick from work.

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