Humidity Control System Vs Portable Humidity Control Systems

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Whole House Humidifier VS A Single Room Vaporizer/Humidifier

While you may consider purchasing a single-room humidifier in an attempt to solve your low humidity problems, it controls the humidity in just one room. A whole house humidifier controls humidity level of your entire home rather than just one room.

A portable chest vaporizer console requires you to add water frequently as well as chemicals to keep algae from growing. A whole house humidifier, on the other hand, requires only periodic maintenance, such as a media pad changed once per season.

A Whole House Dehumidifier VS A Portable Humidifier

Portable dehumidifiers from the hardware store may sound like a solution for one room or area of your home, but there is very little comparison between a portable dehumidifier and the power of a whole house dehumidifier.

A whole house dehumidifier is the more effective choice, accomplishing the equivalent of about 25 single room portable humidifiers. Plus, a whole home dehumidifier consumes about ¼ of the energy it costs to power a portable dehumidifier. The portable units consume much more energy while pulling very little humidity out of the air.

One portable dehumidifier, for example, removes 15-20 pints of humidity from the air in a 24 hour period. A whole home dehumidifier removes 95-130 pints of humidity from the air in the same period of time.

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