How Much Money Will a Tune-Up Save Me?

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Maintenance is a huge factor in the longevity of your system. The newer the system you’re maintaining, the more likely you’ll get the maximum life expectancy from it. During a thorough tune-up and safety check, your HVAC technician cleans your system, makes small adjustments and catches minor issues before they become major problems.

This helps you avoid major repair costs. For example, if your refrigerant does not vaporize as it should, it will remain liquid and could travel to your air conditioner’s compressor and damage it. Since it’s the engine of your entire air conditioner, replacing the compressor could be between $1,350 and $1,800.

Think of an annual tune-up and safety check like your regular trip to the doctor or dentist. If you go regularly, you’re able to catch potential issues early. If left unchecked, high cholesterol, for example, could lead to a major heart attack or death. But if discovered early, you can prevent a major issue through dietary, exercise or medication changes.

Like your body, all of the components of your air conditioning system or furnace are integrated together into one fully functioning unit. Electricity and control boards run most systems. If the power behind the blower motor is too high, that directly impacts the control board and, thus, other systems. When left unchecked, one small issue becomes a large repair expense or even worse, a system replacement.

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