Custom Heating Solutions With A Ductless Heat Pump

Your home is uniquely yours. You probably have filled it with things that are special to you – family photos, furniture, decorative touches – creating a personalized, comfortable space for you and your family. Because each of our Kansas City area customers is unique, LBA doesn’t believe in a “one size fits all” heating system. Our passion for home comfort leads us to offer many heating solutions to meet the different needs of our customers, including ductless heat pumps.
A ductless system may be the ideal solution if you:

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  • Currently have baseboard heating
  • A need for different temperatures in different parts of the home
  • Often have a need for space heaters

Ductless heat pumps have many benefits, and are a cost effective, energy efficient solution that allows for both control and comfort.


Need a Ductless Heat Pump?

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When you need a ductless heat pump in your greater Kansas City area home, call LBA at 913.268.6822. Our highly trained technicians will explain the benefits of each model we offer, and help you choose the best option to maximize efficiency and comfort. We look forward to completing your installation to provide you with a custom heating solution.